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                       Ariella Garcia

                       Ariella Garcia

                       Ariella Garcia

                       Ariella Garcia

                       Ariella Garcia

                       Ariella Garcia

Healthy Food

There is a better way.  Our concious therapy program offers you the oppertunity to lose weight easily and effortlessly. 

One of the most effective approach to weight lost and achieving your ideal weight is looking at the different life factors, habits and sub-conscious beliefs that may be limiting the results you are looking for.  This approach acknowledges that weight is only a small piece of the wellness puzzle and that placing too much emphasis on body weight alone can ends up backfiring and creating a stressful relationship with food and/or physical activity or even straining relationships with loved ones. Hence is the reason diets do not provide long term, or long lasting results.


Our conscious therapist program, is design to work with you to identify and eliminate any stressors found in the different areas of your life that may be affecting your ability to achieve your health and wellness goals. We work with you to identify and eliminate the unhealthy patterns, behavior and habits that are getting in your way of achieving the healthy weight and life style that will allow you to lose weight and keep it off for good.


We work with our clients to cultivate, and implement, a physical movement  regiment. One that is tailored towards your personal  lifestyle and preference. We will also work with you to explore and discover dense and nutritious foods that will work for you and your body type, decrease stress though consciousness therapy and cultivate a positive healthy lifestyle  and  habits that will afford you a health body and bring you peace and  happiness.


Health and wellness is not only about what your physical  body looks like on the outside, but its also about what you feel like on the inside. We strive to assist our clients in cultivating a mind body and soul balance, a lifestyle that you are able to maintain and be proud of. 

To change our behaviors and habits, we must change our mindset surrounding the belives and habits that leads to the actions and your currents reality. 

Eating Healthy Can Be Delicious & Enjoyable..

Below are Some of the Amazing Bonus Benifits of Our Conscious Health Therapy Program..

  • Clean up your diet and focus on eating healthy and tasty foods like whole grains, lean proteins and lots and lots of cleansing veggies

  • Kick your sugar habit to the curb

  • Cultivate life long good eating habits in a way that won’t leaving you feeling hungry or deprived.

  • Self Confidence, Joy and peace in your life 

  • Lose weight and keep it off for good.


  • A shopping list template with tricks to save time and money

  • A supplement guide (including my favorite brands and where you can get them) so you’ll know which supplements to include and which you can skip

  • A “Deepen Your Detox” handbook so you can personalize your detox experience and go as deep (or light) as you want

  • A complete “Eating Out” guide so you’ll know exactly what to order if you have a business lunch or dinner with friends

Fill out and submit the service inquiry form at the bottom of this page. From there, we will contact you to set up your complete obligation free 20 minute discovery session. This 20 minutes obligation free discovery session will help us determine if you are a right fit for our program.                                                            

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Begin Your Health Journey Today.. 
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