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How Concious Therapy Work
How Can My Life Improve? 

Studies have shown the correlation between anxiety, stress, fears, insomnia and weight gain. The simple explanation is that as a society, we are living in a highly stressful state on a daily basis. We experience stress from pressure from work, school, family, and stress from big life changing events. We also experience daily worries and concerns about things that is out of our control, stress over responsibilities that overwhelms us and stress from people and situation in our environment.


Stress activates the fright flight response in our bodies. This basically trick the body into believing that it is in a life and death (fright) situation and it must therefore respond accordingly to escape to safety (flight).


When we live in an fright/flight state on a daily basic, this can cause damage to every system in our body and derails our bodies natural ability to self regulate. When our body is unable to self regulate and create homeostasis, it can manifest itself in the form of illness or dysfunctions in our body such as inflamation, stress, anxiety, fears, insomnia and weight gain to list a few. This can also manifest itself in the forms of nagative coping habits such as smoking, anger, nail biting and over eating.


During a consciousness therapy session, clients are taught mindfulness, like how our thoughts and habits dictate our feelings, behaviors and ultimately our reality or current situations. Hypnotherapy is use as a modality to get the client in a relaxing suggestable state where we are able to access the subconscious mind and change the nagative habits, thoughts, feelings and emotions to a more positive and desired onces.


This process is called desensitization which helps the client change the negative habits and behavior into a more positive ones which will ultimately guid the body back into homeostasis or balance. When your body is in a balance state, you feel more at peace, you have more restful night sleep, you feel more optimistic about life and situations, you feel more resilient in dealing with everyday stressful situations, and more confident in your life and relationships.



Imagine a life where you feel at peace, a life where you feel confidence  in acting, reacting and navigate though your day with ease. A life where you feel free, in charge and confidents in been you.  A life where you feel strong, relentless  and resilient as you move towards become the best version of yourself.  If you can imagine it, you can achieve it.



Please note: For the safety and wellbeing  of our clients, a medical referal might be required from the clients doctor or specialist prior to the first session. We strive to work with our clients doctor to maximize results outcome.

Fill out and submit the service inquiry form at the bottom of this page. From there, we will contact you to set up your completely obligation free 20 minute discovery session where we will uncover how hypnotherapy can help you acheive your unique goals/desirs in order to find true peace and happiness in your life. 



Anxiety & Fears, Insomina
Auto Immune Disease

I went to Necole because I was looking for help to escape from my depression due to my 5 year struggles with psoriasis. I could not get over how compassionate, kind and caring she was.  She became the light  I needed to guid me though to healing my body and empowered me with confidents to live freely again. I am now living a happier and healtier life style thanks to her. Necole is truly gifted  and knowledgeable in the work she does. I am enternally greatfull to have found her at the time that I did because I am not sure where I would be today without her help.

       Sahar Motazedian.

 After relating my symptoms to Necole, she suggested I needed to cultivate a healthy gut flora. I was having regular eczema out breaks which is an inflammation of the outer surface of my skin. It has taken over the skin on my  arms and back and had altered my life and way of living for two years.  I did countless dermatologist visits and was given topical creams and asteroids which helped to mask the problem until my next flare up. I just wanted the problem gone so I could live a normal life. MY sister was currently working  with Necole and encouraged me to give her a call. I have to say how much of a delight it was to speak with her and know that she herself has battled with eczema and beat it.  I no longer has to hide my skin in embarrassment of people looking down on me or  judging.   Necole is such a gem I am   pretty sure God sent her into my life. 

                                 Christine K.

I Had regular yeast infections and was always  prescribed antibiotics. But I notice about 3 weeks later, it would come right back and the cycle continued. I do not like taking medications and one day chose not to take the antibiotic my doctor prescribed for me , especially, since it obviously was not fixing the problem. I began researching natural holistic healing for yeast out breaks and this was when I came across Necole's coaching program and reached out to her. I was a bit sceptical about her ability to help me fix my health problem because I have been to so many docters who told me that my condition was normal and that it  is somthing I will just have to live with. I reahed out to Necole and she made me feel so normal. She  immediately understood what I was experiencing and assured me that long term relief is possible.  I trusted her and begin working with her and her protocol to heal my body. She worked with me hand in hand  to get to the bottom of my frequent outbreaks. I learned so much about my health, and how to care for my body and utilized dense food, nutrition and suppliments to heal my body body from the inside. It has been almost a year now since I have had a yeast infection outbreak. I can honestly say that I am truly happy, healthy and at peace. All thanks to Necole and her amazing gift and passion for helping others live a happier, healthier life.

                       Ariella Garcia.

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